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Sat, 14 Jan 2006 17:42:54 -0800 (PST)
From: vince jackson
Subject: He was my best friend chapter 11No reading if...yea you know. Feedback is what keeps a writer going, so
e-mail me and tell me what you think! or
nel114! and if I'm on feel free to aim me.
He Was My Best Friend
Chapter 11: Happy...I'm fucked! Screwed, caught AGAIN!!! Why cant he walk in when I'm
trying to stop it? I just had to screw this up! Why didn't I pull back?
Slap him across the face or knee him in the balls like I always I
attracted to that?
" I knew it! I fucking knew it!" wait...that's not Josh...even worse.
" It's not what you think," sounds like I'm lying already. I
pushed--tried pushing Johnny away but he wouldn't budge. " Johnny is
NOT my-"
" Save it! Your just trying to protect your deranged little...thing."
NO! NO! NO! If she thinks Johnnies my boyfriend...then the Preteen Nudes school will
think he's my Preteen Nudes boyfriend. And if the school finds out then Josh will
and....and...." Tabs, seriously. Were just friends." I tried to push him again, He
still wouldn't move. I was already angry at him...and I should've done
this sooner. I kneed him in the balls.
" GOD DAMMIT MARK! That shit HURTS!" He yelled bending over cupping his
balls. I told him to get off!
" Don't talk to him like that! Plus, you deserve it. All the stuff I
heard about you...." she seriously thinks Johnnies my if
she doesn't like Johnny...she wont like Josh. I need her to support me
and him...
" THAT! WASN'T! ME!!" he yelled at Tabby who glared at him.
" Oh my god...mark what happened to your wrists?"...god this is going to
sound so wrong. This weekend, when Johnny and I `talked' and he went
into all confession mode...yea. She was talking about the bruises on my
wrist when he grabbed me...
" Did HE do that?" damn! She's doing that weird eye thing...
" No...he didn't mean to...we were talking and..." I babbled. The truth
is :he did do it. But he's not who you think he is...that's what
should've came out.
" Abusive son of a bitch! Did he make your neck turn different colors
" No! no, he did that one but--I'm going to lunch." this is so fucked
up! Damn her and
her nosiness!
" NO? denial Preteen Nudes much? GOD!"
" Look..." I sighed. " I know what this looks like...but Johnny isn't
my boyfriend. He just has a BAD HABBIT of kissing me" I glared at Johnny
through gritted teeth.
" You DIDN'T try to stop me! You want it as bad as I do so forget-"
"Oh my god! Be quiet!" what's going to stop him from telling her that
its josh...what's going to stop her from doing something.
"...I'm lost..." Tabby looked confused from me to Johnny.
" Don't TRY and act like this is my fault. I wasn't the only one there
this weekend! That was me AND you." Johnnies face went red and he
punched a nearby locker.
" I'm tired of this shit! I'm tired of you always running from me!"
Johnny stalked over to me grasping my shoulders. " I need to be with
you..." Johnny leaned in...
I put my hand in his face and looked the other way.
" I'm NOT doing this. What happened this weekend is done! Over!
Forgotten...go back to whoever your fucking cause your getting none from
" what happened this weekend IS NOT OVER! WERE DOING THIS SHIT AGAIN!
" Whate-"
" If you think all I want from you is're wrong! I want you,
not just your body. I was there for you..."
" let go of me Johnny."
" No. and if you TRY to kick me in the balls again..."
"You'll what? Hit me! I dare you!" I looked at him defiantly.
" GOD!! You piss me off so fuckin bad...but- I love you."
" No, Johnny!"
" You haven't even given me a chance!"
" Why cant we just be friends? Why all this-this drama?"
"Because I love you!"
" I cant be with you..."
" Because of him!"
"Things were better when we were just friends."
" Let go of me." I said calmly. If I was pissed and he was pissed that
bad shit would happen. So o can try and stay calm.
"FUCK!!!" Johnny hit the locker again. He brushed his fingers through
his hair...crying.
"I had you first. Do you not remember....I was there for you. ME! I'm
not going to lose you...fuck!" he laughed... " but if you don't want me
I guess we can be friends."" I'm sorry. I really am...."
" Whatever man. i was stupid for being like this anyway." he smiled and
laughed. " I guess I just had to get it off my chest...."
The lunch bell rang...Josh is going to be pissed. I missed lunch and I
have no excuse for missing it. I cant tell him that I was arguing with
" That was the bell." Johnny said, walking down Preteen Nudes the hall. " I have
classes to skip." he smiled.
Lost and confused is what i was feeling. All through my next class....all
I could think about was what happened during `lunch'. Johnnies
confession of `love'. Tabby thinking that Johnnies my boyfriend...and
how she treated him. They weren't friends but we all talked a lot. She
was all mad at him...she is one of my closest friends and if she doesn't
approve of my boyfriend. Yea that can be some more drama.
I could blame it on myself. If I told her about me and josh earlier. If i
told her about him period. Maybe she wouldn't just know that bad stuff
about us. Maybe she wouldn't hate him so much. Preteen Nudes Hate him without knowing
Johnny...I don't know what new drug he's first he was all I love
you then he laughed about it and went back to...normal. I don't get him.
Was he lying? Or trying to cover up his feelings...I made him cry. AGAIN!
If I cant be his boyfriend I can at least Preteen Nudes
be the BESTEST friend he's
ever had. Yea that'll be my apology to him.
I was in the school parking lot waiting in my car. Waiting for josh.
School let out almost twenty minutes ago and he still wasn't here.
I turned my music up a little louder. I haven't seen Josh the morning
and I miss him. Or I could just be horny...ha ha yea its that one. After
what we did this morning...just thinking about and him are okay
now. The end of all that bullshit...
" So you wanna tell me why everyone thinks Johnny is your boyfriend."
Josh opened
the door and sat in the passenger seat, not looking at me.
WHAT!!? Tabby. All tabby. i knew it. I JUST knew it...damn. But he
doesn't seem mad. that's a good thing. A few days ago he would've
killed me...
" What are you talking about?" I played dumb to see how much he knew.
If he didn't know about the kiss then i was not going to tell him about
" I've had people come up to me all fucking day saying that my best
friend was dating an abusive asshole..." shit...happy must not like us.
Every time.... Every fucking time...something always happens.
He's almost left me because he thought he'd hurt me...and now he hears
this shit. " at first I thought some one knew about us...I thought they
knew about our past." he clenched his jaw...he's holding back tears...god
I cannot stand high school! We were floating on clouds this morning and
now were like this...
" The more they talked about it...the more pissed I got. In my mind It
was Johnny, cause they were talking about him." he faced me. " I wanted
to kill him...I wanted to kill anybody who'd do that shit to you...but
it's me...I was the one who did it not Johnny..."
" Well you know the truth and you know that's stuff is In the past so
don't even waste your time thinking about it."
"I know but...I don't know! Fuck!!" he yelled. His face turning red.
"Everything is so fucked up! I don't deserve you mark!"
" We are not starting that again! You do deserve me! Stop being so
stupid, god!"
"ME! I'M STUPID!! I'm NOT the one who stays with an ABUSIVE
"You do know that your talking about yourself right?"
" Don't get smart with me! I'm serious mark!"
" We already talked about this. Remember? Last night...then we had
awesome make up sex. Do we get to have make up sex now." I joked. Even
though I so wanted to.
" I'm sorry.." he sighed. "abusive boyfriend. They should mind their
own fucking business! I got worked up for no reason..."
"Ok so were going home to..."
" Yea baby! I've been horny since this morning." he said massaging his
crotch...licking his lips...
" BUCKLE UP!" I sped out of the schools parking lot getting a few honks
and middle fingers. I don't care cause I'm getting laid!
Today wasn't so bad after all and its only going to get better...COPYRIGHT emo_kid_storiezA/N
Join my yahoo group! 'feedback is what keeps a writer going'
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